How To Have A Productive Day While Working From Home

Working from home is amazing in so many ways, like flexible hours and saving money and time on transportation. But being productive while working from home can be a little challenging. Knowing how to have a productive day even while working at home is absolutely essential! 

With distractions like Netflix readily available, you’re going to need to focus a little more on productivity strategies. That’s the key if you want to know how to have a productive day at home! 

Working from home can be just as productive (or even moreso) than being in the office…with the right productivity tips on your side. 

How To Have A Productive Day Working At Home

These are some of my best tips to stay productive while working from home. By adding these strategies to your routine, you’ll know exactly how to have a productive day (even if you’re working in your PJs)!  

Create Boundaries Between Your Work And Personal Life

First, you need to make sure that you set clear boundaries between your work life and your personal life. This is a lot harder to do working at home than it is in-office. 

This idea goes both ways! To avoid burnout, you need to limit your working hours and keep your personal life….well, personal. But to avoid procrastination and stay productive, you can’t let personal tasks interfere with your to-do list. 

Watching Netflix while you work, cleaning in between meetings, or even running errands in the middle of the workday are tempting. But they definitely don’t help you be productive. 

Make sure you create boundaries, both physically and mentally. Know what times of day are for work and when you “clock out.” If you can, keep one area of your home just for working so that you can relax in other areas. 

Don’t worry if you can’t devote a whole room to an office—a room divider is an easy solution! 


Get Super Organized

If you’re thinking about how to have a productive day, getting organized probably isn’t at the top of your list. But it really is essential! 

When you’re working, a huge productivity drain is when you can’t find something! Whether that’s files on your computer, documents on your desk, or your planner, a mess is not helpful. 

First, take some time to clear out the papers in your office and organize them. There’s nothing worse than random stacks of paper everywhere. Chances are, most of it isn’t even helpful to you anymore. 

Then, every week, delete files that aren’t relevant from your computer and then clear out your trash. 

At the end of every day, take 5 or 10 minutes to tidy up your workspace. From throwing out snack wrappers to wiping down that coffee spill from this morning, you’ll feel so much better the next day when your space is clean. 

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Create Great Work-From-Home Routines

When working from home, most of us abandon our traditional routines completely. But routines really are important in how to have a productive day! 

Create a routine that works for you and your energy levels. Definitely make sure you have a morning routine that helps you feel motivated and excited for the day. 

It’s super tempting to work in your PJs from the couch, but the act of getting ready helps us be more productive. Plus, you’ll be able to feel truly relaxed when you slip into your pajamas at night to unwind. 

But really, the routines you implement depend on you. Thinking about how to have a productive day depends a lot on how you work best! So if your PJs make you happy and help you get more done, stick with it. 

One thing to note: don’t forget to start your day with those clear boundaries. Don’t open your eyes and immediately dive into work emails or crisis mode! You still need to take care of yourself. 


Prioritize Self-Care

Taking care of yourself leads us to our next point—that self-care is a huge part of how to have a productive day. 

You need to take time for yourself every single day. This goes hand-in-hand with the boundaries we mentioned earlier! Taking breaks, relaxing, and doing what you love helps you be more productive—seriously. 

If you really want to be more productive, working without stopping isn’t the answer. All that does is drive you to feel burnt-out. Whether it’s a walk after lunch each day, heading to your favorite coffee shop for an afternoon pick-me-up, or watching some Netflix, prioritize yourself. 

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Track Metrics So You Can Prioritize The Right Tasks!

One of the most important things to consider in how to have a productive day is learning to prioritize. Knowing what the right tasks are (and where to spend your time) helps you be more productive. 

Productivity isn’t just about crossing off tons of to-do list items. While that feels nice, true productivity is about accomplishing things that really need to be done. 

That’s why tracking your metrics is so important! 

Your metrics give you insights into ROI so that you can focus on truly revenue-generating activities. Make time to track your metrics regularly so that you know exactly what to focus on in order to see results! 

Learning how to have a productive day while working from home isn’t as complicated as you might think. These tips are the key to maximizing your time while enjoying a healthy work-life balance—and seeing the results you want. 

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