Incredible (and Tiny) Productivity Hacks To Improve Your Work Life

Research shows that people who are happy are actually more productive while working! Being productive is certainly important for any business owner. Set aside time to take care of yourself with these great productivity hacks to make you happier at work!

The Best Productivity Hacks To Make You Happier While Working

These productivity hacks are designed to help you be a happier, less stressed version of yourself. When you’re feeling capable, confident, and joyful, it shows in the quality of your work!

Find What Brings You Joy During the Day 

One of the best productivity hacks is to infuse your day with things that make you happy. These can be small-scale rewards that give you that little dopamine boost. 

When you’re feeling good, you’re better able to focus on the work in front of you!

 Your small pleasures will be different than everyone else’s. Find what makes you happy. 

Here are some ideas and inspiration to create small pockets of joy each day!

  • Give your pup some pets
  • Spruce up your space with some flowers
  • Practice self-care during the day
  • Brew a big cup of your favorite coffee (or tea)
  • Do something good for someone else 

If You Need to Procrastinate, Do It Productively

Procrastination is a fact of life for most people if we’re being honest! Everyone procrastinates at some time or another for their own reasons. If you let your procrastination get out of hand, you may start missing deadlines. 

When your procrastination gets out of hand, you’re more likely to get stressed out.

 Getting your procrastination to work for you is one of my favorite productivity hacks. It’s (actually!) possible to use your procrastination to improve your decision-making. Procrastinating in the right way can bring you unique insights and spark your creativity.

 Sound too good to be true? 

Here’s the key – you have to procrastinate efficiently

If you’re struggling to get in the zone, move on. Instead of scrolling through your socials looking for distraction, use your procrastination time to tackle something new. 

Tidy a room in your house or do a quick workout. Cross something else off your list, even if it’s unrelated to work.


Reduce Screen Time Whenever Possible

We spend a LOT of time on our screens. Especially when working from home, screen time is a huge part of life! 

Although social media appears to connect us, spending too much time on your phone is associated with increased anxiety and depression. The blue light from screens also messes with your body’s natural sleep schedule.

Spending too much screen time can also interfere with your business performance. 

Cutting back yields some serious benefits, like feeling more motivated, productive, and happier overall!

 It isn’t always easy to cut down your screen time. Here are some suggestions for lowering screen time!

Batch Your Tasks

Batching your tasks is especially effective with social media and emails. 

Give yourself a certain time or two during the day to check your email and socials. You can stay connected and avoid missing out on anything important. 

When it’s not your allotted time, turn off your notifications. 

Create Tech-Free Zones

Keep your electronics out of certain spaces. Don’t bring your phone or computer into the bedroom or bathroom. Leave it elsewhere when you’re eating so that you can be fully present.

Find Healthy Ways To Distract Yourself

Do you find yourself scrolling Instagram without even knowing you opened the app? 

Find healthier ways to distract yourself when you’re bored. Engage in a hobby you love, take a walk, or do some cleaning. You can still use distracted time productively.

Connect Without Screens

Meet with your friends and colleagues in person. Schedule time to meet or catch up. 

If seeing people in person isn’t possible, give them a call. Yes, an actual phone call. Don’t leave all your social interactions to the mercy of chat groups and email threads!

Leave Your Phone Behind

Leaving your phone behind isn’t the end of the world, although it may feel that way at first. 

If you’re going for a walk or running to the grocery store, don’t bring your phone.

Schedule Time Each Week to Alleviate Stressful Tasks

Do looming deadlines or world politics have you feeling all kinds of stressed out? You’re not alone.

 Finding ways to work through stress and anxiety is one of the most important productivity hacks. 

It’s not even just about productivity. Stress relief is important for your overall well-being, too.

 One way to deal with stress is to schedule time for relieving it. This can be a couple of minutes a day to take some deep breaths or practice meditation. Or you can give yourself longer periods of time to engage in stress-relieving activities.

 Setting aside time to deal with your stress will help you realize that stress usually arises from things you can’t control. Once you realize that, you can focus on what is in your control, giving less power to irrational stressors.


Get Moving Every Single Day

No matter how many times you’ve told yourself that you don’t have time for physical activity, deep down you know you could make the time.

Even a little bit of exercise each day makes a huge impact on your health, stress levels, and mood. These will all help boost your productivity, too!

 This doesn’t have to be a crazy workout. Go for a brisk walk or take a bike ride. Take a yoga class, do some dancing, or even just run in place. Find an activity you enjoy and make the time for it. Your mental health and body will thank you.

Make Sure to Evaluate Your Metrics Every Week

Finally, one of the BEST productivity hacks is making time to evaluate your business metrics each week. Keeping a close eye on your metrics gives you critical insights into the success and struggles of your business.

It tells you what is working and what needs work. 

When you regularly identify and address problem areas, you can devote your valuable attention where it matters.

It’s easy to get lost in details that don’t matter as much and give too much attention to low-impact tasks. Monitoring your metrics lets you concentrate on the tasks that really matter.

These productivity hacks will help you bring joy into your day, no matter how much you need to accomplish! Plus, you’ll be able to truly focus on what’s important, like tracking your metrics and growing your business. 

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