What Is The Clubhouse App & How Will It Help Your Business?

Have you heard of the Clubhouse app yet? It’s one of the newest social media platforms rising in popularity. It’s totally unique, and could present an incredible opportunity for you to market your business. 

If you’re not familiar with the Clubhouse app, that’s okay—it’s relatively new. Lots of businesses and professionals are striving to figure out how the app works and how it could help them grow. 

What Is The Clubhouse App? 

Clubhouse is meant to be a drop-in audio app. It doesn’t feature video or images, and has very minimal text to describe what the topics of conversation are. 

Even more important to know? Conversations in the Clubhouse app are live—there are no pre-recorded chats or replays. It’s kind of like a podcast and a phone call in one. 

You’ll be able to join rooms where people virtually discuss certain topics. The entire point of the app is to foster live conversations! It’s a really unique approach compared to other social media platforms. 


How Does The Clubhouse App Work? 

First, you’ll need to be invited to join the Clubhouse app by someone who’s already on it. You can ask a friend or colleague if they have any invitations. Or, join the app’s waitlist to try and get on the app without an invitation. 

From there, it’s time to create your profile. The only image you’ll need is your profile picture. You can write your bio, but only the first three lines show automatically—so make them good! 

As far as links go, you can’t add your website or anything….but you can link up your Instagram and Twitter. If you want people to be able to check out your website, linking those social media profiles is essential. 

Next, you’ll follow people and connect with others on Clubhouse. Add your friends and colleagues, or follow people who inspire you or influencers in your niche. You can even sync up your phone’s contacts and automatically connect with people you know who are on the Clubhouse app. 

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Clubhouse Chats Happen In Rooms and Clubs

Clubhouse chats happen in “rooms,” which you can join or start. When you join the room, you’ll automatically be a listener, which means your microphone isn’t on and you’re just listening. To join the conversation and speak, you’ll need to raise your hand. From there, a moderator will invite you to a digital stage with the other speakers. It’s like a live conversation happening in tons of different places at once! 

Clubs are another way to participate on the Clubhouse app. These are groups focused on interests, industries, or certain identities. Inside clubs, conversation series happen regularly with members of the club. 

It’s important to note that if you’re going to actually create a club, you only get to do so once—so make sure it’s a good one! 

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The Most Important Step If You’re Going To Try The Clubhouse App

Just like any social media platform you’re going to use for marketing your business, there’s one important thing you can’t skip. You need to track and evaluate your efforts to make sure you’re spending your time wisely! That’s where your metrics come in. 

With the Clubhouse App, you’ll need to use Google Analytics to monitor traffic coming to your website from Clubhouse. 

Tracking your metrics helps you know whether what you’re spending your time on in the app is working. Especially when you see conversions happening driven from the Clubhouse app, you’ll know it’s a smart way to spend your time.


Benefits Of The Clubhouse App For Small Businesses

The Clubhouse app could be beneficial for your small business in a lot of ways! It’s new and exciting, doesn’t have ads, and feels a lot more personal. With those direct connections to influencers and other people, you can experiment with a more personal, story-based approach to marketing. 

Because Clubhouse is new, it’s still relatively small. That means you don’t have to worry about millions of people witnessing an error or a flopped idea. You’ll be able to be creative and experiment without fear. 

With the live podcast-type vibe, Clubhouse feels like it’s people-driven, not brand-centered. 

So how do you connect that to your online business? Offer opportunities to connect! Q&As, sharing your business story, and offering insights in your niche are all good ideas. 

And because these conversations are live, the Clubhouse app fosters a sense of exclusivity and excitement. It’s like the season finale of a show or the big game you’ve been waiting for—you don’t want to miss out! 


If you’re ready to have some fun with your marketing and reach an audience in a new way, the Clubhouse app could be right for you! But make sure to track your metrics so you can see whether it’s worth it for you to spend your time on the app. 

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