Our Story

Jennifer Grayeb and Lacey Sites

Here’s what you need to know about us…

We never wanted to be course creators. Like… ever.

Jennifer Grayeb has been an HR leader for a Fortune 10 company, built and sold a productivity blog that grew to reach over 2 million people per year—without spending more than a couple of hours a week, and worked as a COO for many 7 and 8 figure companies in the online space. She wanted to be the right hand woman and never saw herself being the face of a program.

Lacey Sites has her MBA and has built her own seven figure business focused exclusively on 1:1 coaching and has been happiest in that role of deep 1:1 support helping take many of her clients from 0 to seven figures. She swore off ever creating a course because she thought nothing could provide the results of 1:1 support.

We also never wanted to talk numbers. AT all. We were NOT numbers people.

And yet here we are… delivering a COURSE. On NUMBERS. 🤪

What the heck, right?!

Here’s why that’s important for you to know…

We didn’t build Datable because we wanted to come up with a course to sell. 

We didn’t build Datable because it was the business model we wanted most. 

We didn’t build Datable because we were math whizzes or loved numbers.

We built Datable because we couldn’t NOT build Datable.

✅  We built it because once you realize what data can do for your business… you can’t unsee it.

 We built it because after being behind the scenes of so many successful brands and businesses we knew it was the thing that was needed (and missing) in our space.

✅ We built it because you don’t have to be a numbers whiz to use numbers to your advantage.  

We built it because we believe that learning from your own business is the ticket to success, and we knew we could give you the fast pass.

It's time to make your business datable

So yes, we are now reluctant course creators and numbers people. But mostly what we are is two women who believe in the power of what data can do for small businesses, and we couldn’t keep that information to ourselves.

We have seen, know and believe that getting intimate with your data is the investment that makes all of your other investments pay off.

So if you’re…

   ➡️ Also not a numbers person
   ➡️ Don’t want to just take ANOTHER course
   ➡️ Want to actually learn from your business (and not just someone else’s)
   ➡️ Are ready for all of the results that data can provide for you (AND your clients)

You’re in the right place.

It’s time to make your business datable.