How to Create a Powerful Data-Driven Launch Plan for Your Business

The difference between a home-run launch plan and one that barely makes it to first base is data. In other words, you may be able to finagle a mediocre launch based on a hunch, but you’ll maximize results with metrics on your side.

If measuring metrics and crunching numbers aren’t among your many talents, have no fear! This post is chock full of good ideas to consider designing your next launch plan. 

What Is a Launch Plan?

A launch plan outlines each step you’ll take during the launch of an offering. The goal in creating the perfect plan is to identify exactly how you and your team will execute on those steps.

Launch plans become even more and more important as a business grows and your team expands. An organized launch plan is what keeps everyone on the same page (but focused on their specific piece of the puzzle).

But where does data come into play?

Data tells you things like: 

  • Where sales are coming from
  • When sales are taking place
  • How customers are getting to the sales page 

So knowing this data will help you figure out exactly what to do in a launch for the best results.

For example, if the data is telling you that you are getting tons of sales page viewers from your Instagram Stories and fewer views from Facebook Ads, then you’ll know to allocate more time and energy to that platform!

How Can You Build a Data-Driven Launch Plan?

Data will steer your launch plan in the direction it needs to go! If you’re not sure how to build a cohesive roadmap based on the best (most relevant) data, use these helpful tips to get started.

Create Strategic Goals In Your Launch Plan

Making broad, imprecise goals like, “I hope to improve sales with this launch plan,” simply isn’t enough. You need to consider metrics from previous launches you’ve done.

Yep, that means reviewing the performance from previous launches to nail down your future goals! The end result? Your launch plan will be more focused and built for success.

Something like, “the goal is to improve our click rate by 30% within the first 48 hours of our launch,” creates a brighter spark. And your team will thank you for such clarity—a crisp finish line in view! 

Grow Your Email List

Email is the best, most effective way for you to reach potential clients. But you have to collect those email addresses first! You can use social media, host an online event, or collect referrals to expand your email list. (Check out this post for more ways to gather targeted audience emails.) 

Remember, the quest for more sales is ongoing for any business owner. You’ll have to meet your email list goals in the early phases of your launch plan (before the actual launch). 

Also, take the time to brainstorm a marketing plan specifically for your launch-related email campaigns! The folks who opted-in for your email updates are prime candidates for future sales.

Share Free Pre-Launch Nurture Content 

You know how trailers for new television shows or movies make you excited to tune in and watch? Nurture content is like that! Its purpose is to make people aware of your new, up-and-coming offering(s) so they’re excited and ready to take part when your launch unfolds.

Your pre-launch plan is a great opportunity to: 

  • Build trust with your buyers
  • Answer their nagging questions
  • Collect necessary data to make your launch a success

For example, your pre-launch nurture content may include free seminars, informative emails or posts, and free educational videos. Use participation rates to anticipate (and form goals around) how many people may end up purchasing during the launch.

Utilize Advertising Effectively

Top-notch ads imply some sort of guarantee or promise that your offering is better than your competitors. It helps to think about effective strategies from other brands when creating your own. But be sure to apply your key takeaways to your brand and unique services. 

Harness the power of your launch metrics to understand what your audience is looking for as you design your ads! Pull information from recent questionnaires, social media comments, or your most popular content.

Track & Analyze Results to Improve Your Next Launch Plan 

After you use your metrics to make a cohesive launch plan that wows the socks off your audience, be sure to collect more data for future launches. Keep track of everything… from cost, to working hours, to subscription requests!

After all, success is all about steady growth. You’re sure to meet your goals when you invest the time and energy to educate yourself on the science of successful launches.

Data yields an effective launch plan. Use your numbers to create a truly enticing, targeted roadmap to make your next big launch a huge success.

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