Why Email Marketing Is An Incredible Way To Boost Sales For Your Business

Email marketing is one of the best ways to boost sales in your business! It’s really important to focus on email marketing. But lots of people tend to underutilize this powerful strategy.

No matter your business niche, building your email list and developing a strong email marketing strategy will help you experience tremendous growth. If you want to reach your biggest business goals and boost sales along the way, it’s time to focus on email marketing. 

Why Is Email Marketing A Great Way To Boost Sales? 

Email marketing is really one of the best ways to be successful and boost sales in your business. You’re able to connect with your specific audience in a highly tailored, personalized way. That’s a huge reason why ROI is so high when it comes to email marketing!

Email marketing is a lasting, long-term strategy. It’s never going to go away, and historically, email has had an incredible clickthrough and conversion rate, especially in comparison with some other marketing strategies. 

Let’s go over four awesome ways that email marketing helps you boost sales and achieve your business goals. 

You Can Directly Reach Your Customers At Any Time

First, with email marketing, you’re able to directly reach your customers any time. There are no social media algorithms to worry about, hashtags to use to increase reach, or worrying about people not seeing your posts (because after all, it’s hard to get your posts to show up in people’s feeds on Instagram and Facebook!). 

When someone joins your email list, they’re going to receive your emails every single time you send one out. Of course, not everyone will open or click on those emails…but your chances of conversion are so much higher. 

On that same note, you know that everyone on your email list WANTS to be there! Since people have to sign up for your email list, it’s a relatively warm audience. Whether they found your website at an in-person event, on social media, or through a Google search, once they sign up for your email list, they’re actively letting you know that they’re interested in hearing from you. 


You Can Use Email To Boost Sales By Increasing Conversions

Increasing conversions is a huge goal for any business owner! You want people to make a purchase and become customers. No matter what unique metric you’re hoping to attract conversions for in your business, every business owner wants to turn a prospect into a paying customer. 

Did you know that email marketing is one of the most powerful ways to improve your conversion rate, and, thus, boost sales?

Plus, it’s really convenient to track metrics for your email campaigns. You can track a variety of data points, like clicks, open rates, forwards, and more.

Unlike Social Media Platforms, Email Is Always Going To Exist

Certain social media platforms constantly go in and out of style. Remember platforms like MySpace and Tumblr in their prime? If all of your eggs are in one basket, you’re putting yourself at risk for a huge loss. 

Email marketing will never be obsolete. No matter what new social media platforms pop up (or which current ones disappear), you’ll be able to reach your audience and boost sales with email marketing. 

It takes a lot of time and energy to build an audience anywhere. But email is the ONLY platform where you actually own your list. Once you collect people’s email addresses, they are yours to use. You’ll always have direct access to people, which gives you more control. 

Email Marketing Has Great ROI

Email marketing also has great ROI, which makes total sense when you think about the way it boosts sales by increasing conversions! It also doesn’t take a huge investment to be successful with email. There are lots of cost-effective options, which help drive ROI up even further. 

Since you’re able to deliver messaging that’s highly personalized directly to an interested audience, you can be more targeted and increase the likelihood of conversions down the line. 

How To Boost Sales With Email Marketing—Quick Tips

Now that we’ve addressed why email marketing is so powerful, let’s get into some tips to help you boost sales with email! 

Measure How Your Emails Boost Sales With UTM Parameters,  Then Replicate The Most Successful Ones

The best way to create success is to replicate your best work! That’s exactly what you can do with email marketing. And there’s one specific tool that will help you track exactly which emails are driving traffic and sales to your website: UTM parameters. 

You’ll be able to use UTM trackable links to track which of your emails are converting to sales. As you work to boost sales in your business, being able to track those metrics is essential. You’ll be able to strategically improve based on what’s really working…and make better decisions that are grounded in data. 

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Focus On Being Authentic and Serving Your Audience

To maximize your impact with email marketing, create an authentic, genuine identity! Speak to your target audience in a personalized, tailored way. 

People want to instantly understand your business values and mission. They don’t just want to spend money…they want to support people whose values and goals align with theirs! Work hard to convey authenticity and value in your emails to help boost sales. 


Optimize Your Emails To Look Great On Mobile Devices

Nowadays, almost everyone browses their email inboxes on the go. That’s why you need to optimize each of your emails to look phenomenal on desktop and mobile devices

Make sure everything is easy to read and navigate, looks great, and is compelling visually no matter what device someone’s viewing it on. 

Create Email Automations Based On Triggers To Really Boost Sales

Finally, consider automating your email marketing to really boost sales in your business. You can set up automation workflows with specific triggers. This will save you tons of time and energy while increasing ROI! 

You can create a workflow based on triggers like joining your list, making a purchase, or a certain amount of time passed since a previous purchase, to name a few. This keeps things targeted and relevant…and keeps your audience engaged at all stages of your customer journey. 

Email marketing really is one of the best ways to boost sales! With high conversion rates and ROI, you can’t go wrong with email. Just don’t forget to set yourself up for success by monitoring your metrics and tracking email conversions with UTM parameters. Check out our Tag Your Traffic® UTM building tool to make leveraging UTM even more effective and stress-free in your business. 

Monitoring your metrics is essential if you want to maximize the power of email marketing, and our Traffic Insights Dashboard is the perfect tool to do just that!

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