7 Reasons You Won’t Make Money Blogging

There are more than 100 million blogs on the internet. But do they all make money? Of course, not! Most people are not making money blogging. The big question is – why not?

Even if you know 101 ways to make money from a blog, you will easily miss the mark if you don’t know what you are doing wrong at the core. Take a look at the seven reasons you won’t make money blogging.

1. Your Blog Is Not a ‘Great Product’

When you start a blog, it’s just a blog. What you should try to achieve is to make your blog a product. Making money with your blog will be possible only when you have transformed your blog into a great product.

Your blog becomes a great product when it compels people to visit every day and benefit from what you share. When people are desperate to read your next blog post, your blog has become an interesting product. As soon as your blog turns into a product, you can start earning money.

2. Ads Don’t Match the Blog Content

One of the biggest reasons you wouldn’t make money blogging is because the ads don’t complement the content on your blog. The ads on your blog will receive maximum clicks when it targets your audience and when it solves a problem of your target audience.

Blog ads can prove to be effective when they add value to the content, are interesting and relevant. If you want to make money from running ads on your blog, you should always focus on selecting the right kind of ads or ad network.

3. Your Blog Doesn’t Solve Problems

People have a hectic, boring, and problem-packed life. They are eagerly waiting for a super-hero who could put an end to their day-to-day problems. If your blog is not helping people solve their basic problems, who would want to visit your blog, don’t expect to earn any money if you aren’t providing solutions to people’s (your target audience’s) troubles.

4. You Don’t Identify the Target Audience

Bloggers can provide value-added content only when they know who their target audience is. If you are unaware of where your target market is located, how can you ever expect to solve their problems?

You’ll be able to become a great problem-solver only when you identify the issues that your target market is facing. Therefore, don’t expect to monetize your blog if you are unaware of who you are going to serve.

5. Money Is All That’s on Your Mind

You can make money only in return for a favor that you do to people. If you aim to help people, the money will follow. On the other hand, if you start focusing on money right from the beginning, you are preparing to fail.

Answer this – how are you going to make a positive impact on people’s lives? In order to make money from blogging, bloggers should need to become people-centric first. Direct all your energy toward making people’s lives better and stop focusing on website traffic. And the rest will follow itself!

6. You Don’t Use Keyword Research Tools

In order to monetize your blog, it is crucial to use keyword tools. Most importantly, you should be able to decide which keyword tools will effectively solve your problem.

If you want to earn money from your blog and generate high revenue, you should conduct quality research to target the most appropriate keywords. Google itself offers multiple free keyword tools that you can use in your research. There are also plenty of paid tools on keyword research, just be sure to do your research and have resources prepared to educate you on using them appropriately.

7. You Don’t Have a Promotion Strategy

Even if you offer great content, people may not visit your blog. People don’t visit because they can’t find you. Think about the amount of energy that you put in while writing a quality blog post. If you lack an effective promotion strategy, you won’t make money through your blog.

So, stop relying on the quality of the content. Devote adequate time to the promotion of content if you are really serious about monetizing your blog. Great content deserves great promotion too.

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Conclusion – Why You’re Not Making Money Blogging

Blogging is not a code that you can create (or copy from somewhere else) and paste it to make things work. Instead, it’s continued communication and interaction with the target audience. Avoid the mistakes listed above, and concentrate on making your blog a success.