What is a Google Data Studio Dashboard and How Can You Best Use One?

All successful service providers should rely on data to drive their businesses! But not everyone approaches data (or reads it) in the same way. You need a data dashboard that suits your needs and your viewing style, which is why Google’s data studio dashboard is a great option for you.

What Is Google Data Studio? 

Google ‘cleans house’ with their top-notch search engines and hyper-efficient office systems. They also offer an amazing dashboard-building tool that works in tandem with the data studio to clearly visualize your business’ data.  

What sets Google’s data studio dashboard apart from other data systems is:

  • It’s free!
  • It works well with the rest of Google services (like Google Analytics and Google Sheets for data sets)
  • You can personalize it to fit your needs (and make it look really cool!)

Like other user-friendly data studios, Google’s dashboard allows you to track and present your business data with ease. You can use it to set goals and communicate wins and losses with your team at the drop of a hat. 

Without a data studio, using data is more stressful. It sucks up your time and attention when you should be focused on providing primo services to your clients.

What Is a Google Data Studio Dashboard?

A Google data studio dashboard transforms your business data (such as your quarterly sales or social media likes) into actionable items. Syncing your data to Google takes a little bit of time and effort. But the long-term benefits of setting up your data studio dashboard are well worth the investment!

Consider your next team meeting. Wouldn’t it be nice to have attractive and easy-to-read graphs and charts at your fingertips? All in, designing your Google data studio dashboard is far better than having to draw visuals up yourself or paying for similar services from another company.

Why Should You Use a Data Studio Dashboard to Visualize Your Metrics?

Overall, using a data studio dashboard can improve your relationship with data and boost your business. There are many advantages, but these 3 are enough to convert any skeptical entrepreneurs.

You Can Customize Your Dashboard to Visualize Your Metrics However You Want

Subscribing to anything too rigid or without variety is daunting for many business owners. Fortunately, Google’s data studio dashboard provides all of the support you want while leaving creativity wide open.

The data studio allows you to customize everything. You can add logos, change colors, and even change the style of graph that you’d like to use in an instant. From pie charts to scatter plots, Google’s got you covered.

You Can Automatically Update Your Data Studio Dashboard with Metrics From Multiple Sources

Any time you can automate part of the work you do as a service provider, do it! Your data studio dashboard can pull numbers from a variety of sources and update automatically.

This means that you can glance at your dashboard data and get a full overview in just a few clicks. Sounds much better than manually entering all of your data every time that you need an update, doesn’t it?

You Can Collaborate With Your Team in Real-Time

Since your role as a service provider is mostly (if not completely) remote, it’s essential that all of your business systems be collaboration-friendly. You don’t share an office space with your teammates or your clients, so live updating and simultaneous access is a no-brainer.

Like other Google services, the changes that you or your teammates make to your data studio dashboard are saved automatically. And you can share data snippets with just a few clicks. 

Why Is It Important to Visualize Your Metrics with a Data Studio Dashboard? 

You may be thinking, I’m doing just fine without a data studio dashboard. What’s the rush? The truth is that utilizing a dashboard helps you see and understand your business metrics. 

Even if you think that your current system is working, visualizing your progress with a dashboard will take your business to new heights. 

You Can Clearly Communicate Your Data

As an entrepreneur who works closely providing services to clients, communication is key. A Google data studio dashboard can help you catch abnormalities (spikes or dips in sales, for example) and easily initiate a chain reaction through your team to handle it.

For example, let’s imagine that you open your dashboard one day and realize that you had zero clicks on a marketing link that you sent overnight. A clear and concise visual can alert you to the problem and help you communicate to the appropriate teammates immediately.

You Can More Easily Spot Trends in Your Metrics

With Google dashboard on your side, you don’t ever have to wonder if your sales funnel is working or whether your followers liked your recent social media post. The data studio dashboard shows you everything you need to know, including where your success or failure is coming from.

The time that you save generating and digesting your metrics with Google can be put towards goal-setting! Our Measure and Maximize program will help you work with the correlations and patterns that you find by creating a fully customized, visually striking dashboard for YOUR needs. 

You’ll be able to see all of your key metrics as you sip your first cup of coffee each day…so that you (or your clients) can make smart, data-driven decisions instead of guessing. 

You Can React to the Market and Shift Your Marketing Strategies

No matter your niche, the market for service providers changes so rapidly that it often feels impossible to keep up. Working with a data studio dashboard helps you to identify sudden changes to the market—enabling you to give your audience what they want.

What’s more, changing your marketing strategies takes a ton of time and effort. You don’t want to make mistakes! Google’s data studio dashboard helps steer you in the right direction and helps you avoid any major errors. 

Your position as a service provider comes with enough obstacles! Take the data struggle off of your plate by using Google’s data studio dashboard. It will save you a tremendous amount of time and aggravation… and help your business grow.

There’s so much value to gain from having your data organized in an easy, actionable, and understandable way. And creating custom data studio dashboards is the key!

Learn how to do just that with Measure and Maximize! You’ll be able to build dashboards to support your clients with analytics in a snap…and you’ll look more professional than ever before. 

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