5 Important Reasons You Should Implement An Analytics Dashboard for Your Business

Google Analytics is one of the most popular and powerful tools to help you track your metrics. It’s so important to focus on analytics in your business…and an analytics dashboard is the best way to do it in less time and with less stress!

Inside Google Analytics, there are HUNDREDS of metrics you can analyze based on every area of your website traffic and conversions. And honestly? It’s a little overwhelming trying to navigate this massive overload of information all on your own.

Using a Google Analytics dashboard is the best way to process the data and get to what’s most impactful for your business. With an analytics dashboard, metrics from your Google Analytics account will be presented in an easy-to-understand format—without you running tons of customized, manual reports.

What Is A Google Analytics Dashboard?

Google Analytics provides you with website data on lots of levels for various metrics in your business. But with a Google Analytics dashboard, you’re able to combine the most important metrics into one easy, convenient, simple, and understandable presentation. These dashboards save you time and energy while letting you start maximizing your metrics.

You can create your own Google Analytics dashboard… and it’s surprisingly easy to DIY if you have someone walk you through the process. Luckily, we are awesome at that! Check out our Measure and Maximize program to learn more.

Another option is to snag one of our curated, easy-to-use, ready-to-go Google Analytics dashboards.

We offer a few incredible, streamlined Analytics dashboards including Traffic Insights Dashboard. The most important part of an analytics dashboard is that you can see all of your important KPIs in one convenient place.


Why Is Having An Analytics Dashboard Important?

One of the biggest reasons business owners run away from their metrics is that they seem overwhelming. If numbers, data, and analytics are outside your comfort zone (which, let’s be real, is true for so many people!), understanding your metrics just seems like it’ll be difficult to master.

But with an analytics dashboard, you’ll gain valuable insights into your marketing funnel from start to finish.

This includes things like:

  • Traffic insights
  • Organic search
  • SEO information
  • Social media data
  • Facebook Ads

…and more!

Depending on your business and your unique needs, you’ll be able to choose the perfect dashboard to get a comprehensive view of your most important metrics. This simplifies the process and makes handling your analytics much more feasible!

5 Reasons To Use An Analytics Dashboard Instead Of Spreadsheets

As you consider what metrics to track in your business…there’s a LOT to choose from. We’re living in a highly digital world, and there’s an abundance of data available for you to dig through and break down.

But you’re busy! You have a lot on your plate, which means that spending hours and hours analyzing every number inside Google Analytics just isn’t practical.

With an analytics dashboard, you can take advantage of your data without the hassle. You’ll be able to make strategic, data-driven decisions using a real-time, single-platform tool that shows you only what you need to know.

Many business owners track their own metrics from Google Analytics inside of a spreadsheet. While this DIY strategy can work out at the beginning, it’s not scalable—and honestly, there are a lot of issues with this technique.

Let’s take a look at the comparison between using spreadsheets versus a Google Analytics dashboard! Here are five reasons you should make the switch to an analytics dashboard now.

You’re going to save yourself lots of headaches later on—trust us.


1. Unlike Spreadsheets, An Analytics Dashboard Has No Chance Of Human Error

Spreadsheets have to be filled out manually, which leaves room for human error. It happens! Typos, mistakes, and other issues increase error rates, especially as your business grows and your data becomes more complex.

If a mistake in a spreadsheet goes undetected, you could be making important decisions based on inaccurate data. 

With an analytics dashboard, there’s no risk of human error because everything is handled for you and populated right from the source of your data. There’s no chance of you making a mistake that costs you!

2. Analytics Dashboards Save You Tons Of Time

You have a lot to handle running your business, and while tracking your metrics isn’t the most glamorous task, it’s so important! But luckily, with a Google Analytics dashboard, you’re going to save TONS of time (especially if you’re making the switch from a spreadsheet strategy).

Think about what it would be like to understand your key metrics at a glance, make informed decisions, and be able to focus your time on what moves the needle forward in your business.

That’s exactly what’s possible with an analytics dashboard.

3. You Can Easily Get A Holistic Picture and Strategize Accordingly

When you use spreadsheets to track your data, aside from potential errors, you’re entering data manually and analyzing everything by hand. You’ll need some serious spreadsheet and math skills to be successful with this strategy.

But with a Google Analytics dashboard, you can save time and stress and understand way deeper levels of your most important metrics—without any special skills.

For tracking overall performance and your KPIs, an analytics dashboard saves you time and helps you grow your business strategically (and in a streamlined manner).


4. You Don’t Need Extremely Technical Skills

We just mentioned this above, but let’s talk about it in more detail. To successfully utilize your analytics inside a spreadsheet, you’re going to need some serious technical skills. Especially as your business grows and your data becomes more complex, you’ll need more expertise.

Use an analytics dashboard instead of handling all of this yourself. You’ll stop feeling overwhelmed. And you won’t have to spend tons of time learning about these sheets!

You won’t need any special skills in order to analyze your data and use it in a practical way. Once you set up and install your new dashboard, you can take advantage of all that metrics have to offer.

5. An Analytics Dashboard Keeps Your Data Accessible And Secure

As your business grows, keeping your data safe is going to be more important than ever before. A spreadsheet isn’t necessarily secure, even when password-protected.

But an analytics dashboard keeps you secure—all of your data is safe and protected inside the dashboard.

A Google Analytics dashboard totally changes the game for how you handle your metrics. If you’re ready to understand your traffic sources on a comprehensive level with less stress (and in less time), make sure to grab our Traffic Insights Dashboard now!

Note: Updated again on 11/25/22