How a VIP Day Can Boost Your Revenue and Grow Your Service-Based Business

I’m sure you’ve heard about VIP days and thought they sounded like an interesting concept for your business.But before you start offering them, you probably want to know more about what a VIP day is and how to actually set up this new type of offering. 

What Is a VIP Day? 

You can design a VIP day however you want! But generally speaking, VIP days are opportunities to present your clients with focused attention (one at a time) to achieve a set goal or address a nagging problem. Think of it as a means to a very specific end.

Here are some examples of narrow marketing goals that can help drive a VIP day for one of your clients:

  • Working through a business transformation, like launching a new system or service package
  • Introducing new technology or strategies 
  • Promoting a limited-time deal 

A VIP day is a type of offering that you can add to the services you already provide. Instead of just working with you hourly or on retainer, a VIP day is a more high-value, high-touch option for clients to get one-on-one access and attention from you while tackling a specific project. 

Have you ever hosted a one-hour coaching call or consultation? A VIP day is similar to that, but even more hands-on, longer, and with actual deliverables. 

This service option is a great way for you to provide clients with more direct support. You can work on specific goals and achieve big outcomes in just one day. Really, VIP days are exactly what they sound like—a VIP option that’s a larger investment for a bigger & better result. 

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How Is a VIP Day Structured? 

You’ve got to plan accordingly to make your VIP day go off without a hitch. Check out these three must-dos to maximize your upcoming VIP day.

Connect With Your Client Before Their VIP Day

Once you and your client have a VIP day blocked off on the calendar, schedule a time to chat and strategize goals and expectations

Explain your role (including your limitations) so your clients have an opportunity to prepare and manage their expectations. Disclosing parameters before the day arrives gives everyone a chance to complete pre-work to help everything run smoothly.

For example, if you create blog posts for clients, you could focus on brainstorming topics and keywords for the next three months of posts. Your client (and you) will likely need time to pull data and brainstorm major shifts in direction before your VIP day.


Build and Follow a Careful Plan For the Day Based On Your Client’s Goal

If you want your VIP day to run smoothly, you need to set up an itinerary. This plan will help you leverage time constraints to ensure you address every aspect of your focus goal. 

Let’s say your client runs a social media management business, and on their VIP day, they want to focus on strategizing new digital marketing techniques. You’ll want to lay out the day piece by piece—spend a few hours planning photography and a few focusing on graphics and copy.

A schedule helps you leave no stone unturned! 

Check In With Your Client Throughout the Day and Once You’ve Completed All Deliverables

To start your VIP day off the right way, you’ll need to host a kick-off call. This is where you’ll meet with the client (and any other members of your or their team who will be working together on this project). You’ll go over expectations for the day, get any extra information you need, and address any of the client’s questions before you dive in and start cranking out the work. 

Then, you can send quick Slack or Voxer messages throughout the day to give your client the opportunity to ask for help or provide an update. Sometimes the communication is fast! “I’m doing great and will chat with you later,” is wonderful to hear.

You could also host a mid-day call to check-in and restrategize as needed. If you’re working on something the client’s going to need to approve, now would be a good time to start that process. 

Finally, you’ll want to wrap up the day with a message or call to showcase all the work that’s been done, answer any follow-up questions, and end the project on a positive note. 

How Do You Price a VIP Day? 

When you offer VIP days, clients can book them when they feel like they need them. But if you want to, you can set up an application process for the VIP day so that you vet which clients and projects you’re willing to take on. 

Aside from the clients themselves recognizing the need for a VIP day and booking one, you can also use data to guide your clients towards this service when you feel it’s most valuable. 

To do this, review your clients’ profit and loss reports regularly so VIP day opportunities don’t get missed. Analyze their profit margins each month with them and note any shortcomings (or big wins). Leverage those key metrics to highlight exactly where and how a VIP day might be useful for them!

You should base the pricing for your VIP experience on how many hours of uninterrupted attention you’re providing. But pricing goes far beyond just the amount of time you’re working—it’s also about the incredible value you’re providing. VIP days are an exclusive, time-intensive service, so you need to price them accordingly. 

Perhaps your pricing menu could read: VIP half-day (4 hours) for $XXX or VIP full-day (8 hours) for $XXX. You should have a good sense for what you can realistically accomplish within each amount of time so your clients can manage their expectations.


Is a VIP Day Right For Your Business? 

A VIP day might sound wildly different from your usual services, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t also a wildly profitable (and fun!) service to offer. As you strategize whether or not you want to offer VIP days in your business, consider these factors.  

Ask Your Audience

The most important metric to consider before launching a VIP option is: how many of your current clients would be interested? 

Of course, you can consider your clients’ business metrics to showcase why a VIP day would benefit them, but it won’t matter nearly as much as their desires to take part. A survey or questionnaire goes a long way before making any grand business decisions. 

And obviously, offering a VIP day service isn’t just going to affect your current clients. Start doing some market research to see if any competitors in your niche are offering something similar. A VIP day could be another epic way to draw in new clients to your business looking for more intensive services than what you typically offer. 

Think About What Your Clients Need Most

VIP days work in lots of niches and can be an awesome service add-on for virtual assistants, project managers, directors of operations, or any other type of service provider!

While you can start hosting VIP days whenever you’re ready, you’ll be better at it the more experience you have in your field. Even more importantly, you need to have a project that you can actually help your clients tackle in one day (after all, that’s the whole point of this extra special service!)

More intricate services require more thorough consultations. The more intense a project is (that you’ll be able to handle in a day), the more valuable this more hands-on service will seem to the client.

As an expert in your field, your time is as valuable as the services you provide! A VIP day gives you the opportunity to educate your clients, setting them up for greater success (and sets you up for greater success, too).

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