How To Switch Your Focus From Income To Views

If you are running a business your goal is to make a profit. If you aren’t making a profit your business won’t survive. As a result, income is at the forefront of our minds. But switching your focus from income to views will make a huge impact on your income.

By creating a product or service that will impact someone’s life for the better or make their life easier opens the opportunity to generate even more income. If your content creates an impact, the views will come and the income will follow.

So let’s dive!

switch income to views

Where is your audience right now?

To get in front of your ideal consumers you need to know where they are. That’s likely one of the many social media platforms out there. Finding where your ideal consumers are lets you get focused on getting your content to those platforms.

Once you know where your audience hangs out begin tracking your URL links. This allows you to see traffic by source, conversions, and the effectiveness of your campaigns. Link tracking is easily done with UTMs. UTMs are the extra snippets of information at the end of your URL links that pass information over to Google Analytics. Using UTMs allows you to measure your marketing from traffic sources and conversions to which marketing campaign is resonating best with your audience.


Today, the majority of people are online consumers. Whether it’s products, education, or entertainment they are browsing the web to purchase right now or in the near future. Regular posting keeps you in front of your followers daily making sure they aren’t forgetting about you and your brand.

Start focusing on consistency in posting by creating a posting schedule and scheduling ahead of time. You can sit down for 4 or less hours and schedule out a month’s worth of content at once. And don’t forget your UTM links!

Repurpose old content

If you’re having trouble coming up with new topics or content take a look at your old posts and see what you can repurpose or expand on. Use your Google Analytics Audience Reports to see which posts have the most views. This is the perfect strategy to create more of what your audience likes to consume. Optimize by adding in more keywords to improve SEO, make them more relatable to current situations, add in new photos or graphics.

To know what keywords your visitors are USING to land on your site, your Google Analytics Acquisition report > Campaign > Organic Keywords is where you can see this information. Or if you have Google Search Console connected to your analytics (which you should!), go to Acquisition report > Search Console > Queries. ⁣⁠Google Search Console is another place you can find this information.

Remember old posts can be the best ones to get recirculating in your content schedule. You don’t need to be reinventing the wheel all the time.



Focus on engagement with your content. It’s not just about posting on a regular basis but also creating engaging posts and responding to comments and shares. Get your followers to comment and share your posts, keep them engaged, and looking forward to your next blog topic.
Responding to their engagement is vital. This is a great way to open the conversation and see what questions need to be answered. It also helps you be seen as an expert in your field.

Pro Tip – Keeping track of your audiences’ questions can help you come up with other great blog topics.

Create irresistibly shareable content

While coming up with ideas for what to post next, focus on content that people will want to share. To do this you can use humor, current happenings in the world, and emotionally truthful posts. When something is humorous, relatable, or touches on someone’s emotions they are more likely to share it. Shareable content can 10x or even 100x your views.

Guest posts

Utilizing the power of partnering up with others in the same niche as you has the potential to bring in ideal consumers to your site. Try guest posting on other sites as well as having some guests on your own blog. The cross-marketing between the two of you will draw in views on both ends.


SEO in general on your blog and website are going to bring in more views. Getting those keywords nailed down and using them frequently can bump up your listing in Google and your organic reach. There are a wide variety of tools available out there to help you figure out what types of content to create and how to optimize it. Tools like MOZ, SEM Rush, or Keywords Everywhere now make it easy to see information around keywords, search volume, click-through rates, and ranking difficulty. We also have an organic search dashboard to help make getting this information super easy.

Recap: Switch your focus from income to views

Ultimately your goal is profits, making it difficult to take your mind off the income part. But focusing on the end consumer with consistent effort, patience, and the right tools you will generate the income. Those views are going to keep you ahead of the game and will convert into paying customers. So switch your focus from income to views and the money will follow.