How To Use Instagram Reels Hashtags To Skyrocket Your Reach and Engagement

Instagram Reels is a really powerful way to connect with your audience, reach more users, and boost engagement on your page. And one of the best ways to improve your results is to strategically use Reels hashtags! 

Whenever Instagram comes out with a new feature, it’s a good idea to start implementing it in your own content strategy. It takes a little practice to figure out a new type of content, but it can really have incredible results for your business. 

Instagram Reels hashtags are often underutilized, but they give you a chance to drastically increase the reach of your Reels. 

What Are Instagram Reels?

Let’s back up—what are Instagram Reels? Similar to Tiktok, with Instagram Reels, you create short (at this time, 15-30 second) videos that are engaging, entertaining, inspiring, or educational. 

You can use a ton of different editing effects right within Instagram to make your videos pop, including adding text, using filters and effects, and using audio. Even more importantly, you can research and use “trending” audio that can land you on the Reels feed or the Explore page!

Once you’ve posted a Reel, you’re able to share it to your actual feed, your IG stories, or even send it over DMs. People can like, save, share, and comment on Reels just like regular posts, but they can also “remix” them, or use them as part of their own new Reel.

Most people are a little uncomfortable at first when it comes to making Reels. That’s normal—any new content type is tricky when you’re just getting started! But with a little creativity (and the right Reels hashtags), you’re going to be totally ready to handle this content type like a pro. 


Why You Should Use Instagram Reels Hashtags

Just like the other content you create on Instagram, you should use hashtags for your Reels. You can use up to 30 Reels hashtags, but Instagram actually recently recommended using 5-10 strategic, targeted, and highly relevant Reels hashtags instead. 

Hashtags have a few benefits when it comes to Reels. First, you’ll have the chance to show up at the top of that actual hashtag, which is great when you choose hashtags that people are searching for. They kind of work like keywords in a content marketing strategy based on SEO—they help the right people find your content.

Besides that, Reels hashtags give you a chance to show up on users’ Explore pages. Instagram’s algorithm uses content that users have previously interacted with to build out an enticing Explore page, and Reels hashtags help the algorithm identify what your content is about. 

Plus, on Instagram, people can follow hashtags in addition to accounts. If someone is following a hashtag that you use on your Reel, you may show up on their home feed—even if they aren’t following you yet. 

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How Many Reels Hashtags Should You Use?

The truth is that there’s no set number of Instagram Reels hashtags that every single creator should use. When it comes to your business, analytics matter—and for figuring out the right hashtag strategy for you, tracking your metrics is key. 

If your account is still relatively new or small, it’s a good idea to try using all 30 hashtags when you post a Reel. Try to keep them targeted and relevant, but strive to reach as many users as possible to grow your audience. 

But the best thing to do is to test both ways. Try posting Reels with all 30 hashtags and with just a handful of highly curated hashtags. See which performs better and take notes—then build out your Instagram Reels hashtags strategy from there.

Remember: the Reels hashtags you choose need to be high-quality. In this situation, quality really does matter more than a specific quantity!

How Do You Choose The Perfect Reels Hashtags? 

Choosing the right hashtags for your Reels is going to take a little bit of effort…but that effort is so worth it. 

First, know that there are 3 main categories of Reels hashtags you’ll need to pay attention to. These categories are hashtags: 

  • Related to your overall account and business
  • Tailored to that specific Instagram Reel
  • Targeted to your ideal customers and clients

Create a spreadsheet with each of those categories. Under each category, do some research and try to find a handful of small, medium, and large hashtags (based on the number of users and posts) for each. For the topic of a specific Reel, you may even want to add subcategories to your spreadsheet (or do research when you create or batch your content each week). 

Your Reels hashtags should be included in your caption, not the comments of your Reel. Instagram only counts hashtags from the caption when tracking your Reels analytics, and honestly? Reels hashtags won’t bother anyone, so including them in your caption is more effective. 


Make Sure To Monitor Your Analytics and Evaluate Your Hashtags

Once you’ve created a database or spreadsheet to house some of your Instagram Reels hashtags, you’re ready to start using them. But that’s not the end of creating an effective hashtag strategy for your Reels!

Now, you’ll need to track your metrics and evaluate your hashtags to see what’s working and where you need to make some swaps. Do this monthly (or quarterly, if you know you can’t manage monthly with your schedule). If you’re using a project management tool like Asana, create a recurring task to make this easy to remember each month or quarter! 

So, how do you actually evaluate your hashtags? 

Here are a few metrics to look for: 

  • Reach: How many people are seeing your Reels? 
  • Popularity: How popular is that particular hashtag? 
  • Engagement: Do people engage with posts with this hashtag? 
  • Users: What types of users are actually, well…using this hashtag? Is it your target audience?

These metrics will help you stay on track and use only the most effective Reels hashtags. 

Using Instagram Reels is a great way to boost engagement and connect with new users on Instagram. These tips will help you understand all things Reels hashtags with less stress—so that you can focus on creating content that wows. 

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