Why You Need to Focus On Effective CTAs for Better Lead Acquisition

If you want to turn your traffic into leads, you’ll need to learn to guide your audience. As much as a visitor may want to engage with your content further, it’s your responsibility to provide them with opportunities. Lead acquisition relies on having a powerful call-to-action.

What Is A Call-to-Action? 

A call-to-action (also known as a CTA), is how your website tells its visitors what they should do. They can be placed anywhere, from your homepage to your emails, to your social media pages.

It doesn’t matter how good your blog posts are, how engaging your homepage is, or how viral your social media posts are. If you don’t tell your audience otherwise, they’re just going to click away and go on with their day. They don’t know what you want them to do unless you let them know! 

You create the roadmap for your client’s journey. Likewise, it’s your job to guide them through it. 

The CTA is how you do this. It’s how you tell them that you have more to offer than just your content. It’s how you guide them to take the natural next step (that you’ve created for them).

 A call-to-action can take many different forms depending on your needs. On your sales page, the CTA may encourage your audience to buy. On your blog, it may invite them to sign up for your free offer.


How to Use CTAs to Boost Lead Acquisition

Every piece of your content should be part of a sales funnel. The call-to-action you’re using there should reflect that. Lead acquisition is the end goal here and you won’t get leads if you’re not providing relevant content!

You can use really clear, even commanding language, as long as you’re meeting your audience in the right spot. 

Direct them right where you want them to go. Did they like your social media posts? Tell them to check out your website. Enjoyed that blog? Sign up for this related freebie. 

It’s that simple.

Once you’re comfortable creating CTAs that are appropriate for where your audience is in their customer journey, you’ve got to figure out where to put them! You want your calls-to-action to be front and center.  

You want your CTA to be visible and accessible to your audience without them having to scroll. This applies to both mobile and desktop pages.

 There’s a bunch of different add-ons you can work with on your website that let you put a CTA on the top of your site. You can even put it above your navigation bar. It’s one effective way to get your audience to take action.

Include CTAs In Your Blogs

Another good way to boost your lead acquisition and email subscribers is by using CTAs inline in your blogs. If someone thinks that your content is valuable and would love your freebie offer, they won’t know it exists unless you tell them.

 Pop-ups also help you turn your traffic into leads. That said, you want to be careful with pop-ups. We’ve all been on a website whose sheer volume of pop-up ads makes us click away immediately. 

Imagine what you, as an audience member, want from a pop-up and design yours accordingly. You want your pop-ups to be useful, not annoying.


Add CTAs to Emails & Social Media

Emails are another great place to use a call-to-action.

The footer is a good place to put it. If someone has read your whole email, they’re more likely to buy! 

 Finally, don’t forget to use calls-to-action on your social media. You can use them in your posts, your links, and your live videos. Your audience wants to get closer to you, but you have to guide them along the way.

Tips for Better Lead Acquisition Through CTAs

Just like everything else in your business, you can always improve your CTAs. Small changes can have a huge impact on your sales, conversion rates, and click-throughs.

 Just remember that changing something doesn’t automatically mean you’re improving it. You can make a change that negatively impacts your bottom line just as easily as a positive change. Changes you implement can be very small. For example, change the words you use or the color of your CTA. You can see how changing the shape of your button impacts your sales.

 Tracking your metrics will be essential to improving your lead acquisition and figuring out whether your changes are positive or negative. 

Keeping an eye on your metrics, using a tool like Google Analytics, gives you important data. You can see where along the line you’re losing your audience and fine-tune your content accordingly.

 The data you gather from tracking your metrics can give you meaningful information about whether a change has worked. You can see if there’s an increase in lead acquisition, conversion, or just about any other metric you can think of. 

 Test again and again. By monitoring your metrics you can see what changes have an effect, good or bad. 

Any successful marketing campaign to improve lead acquisition relies on this testing and data!

We can also teach you how to build dashboards. Learn what numbers are actually important to measure, how to measure and understand them, and then how to pull it all together in a way that tells with our signature program Measure and Maximize.

A powerful call-to-action is the key to effective lead acquisition. Your audience wants to engage with you. 

If they like your content, they want those freebies you’re offering. They want to join your email list. A well-written call-to-action gives them those opportunities they’re looking for.