How to Find Clients: 9 Powerful Strategies to Bring In New Leads

If you’re bored of your regular lead sources (or simply aren’t getting the steady business you once were), it’s time to load your tool belt with new strategies. The success of your business depends on new leads every so often—even if you’re skilled at fostering long-lasting client relationships. You need to know all the best ways for how to find clients.

How to Find Clients and Generate New Leads

When “how to find clients” is the most prominent and frequently-typed phrase in your search engine, you’ve been looking for this article. This is an exhaustive list of nine optimal strategies to find new leads to grow your service-providing business.

Share Free Resources Online 

Give a little to get a lot! Think about your many gifts or strengths in your industry: what can you afford to give for free? If there’s one thing that unites clients across service fields, it’s that they love free education and giveaways.

Teach your potential clients a few tricks of the trade.  Share insights about how you do things successfully while being completely transparent about your values and theories. Do this using a blog, post videos on social media, or have pop-up tips and tricks on your website. 

Giving clients a small taste of what you’re capable of makes them eager for more! 

Identify Where Your Clients Come From 

If you don’t know how your clients find you, how can you possibly know how to boost your traffic? It’s important to know which of your marketing methods are performing the best so you can pour more resources into those areas.

There are a few ways to figure out your best client inlets:

  • Include a “how did you find me?” question on your discovery call intake form.
  • Check Google Analytics to track your client traffic.
  • Make it a point to ask clients that phone in or email directly without prior visitation how they heard about you.

You’ll know which avenues are working the best when the answers start pouring in. Our Traffic Insights Dashboard will help you identify your strongest traffic streams so you can make better business decisions and focus your energy where it truly matters.


Post In Facebook Groups Related to Your Niche 

Look no further than your favorite social media platforms to discover how to find clients! Facebook in particular brings together like-minded people with similar service needs. All you need to do is join the conversation to attract new leads.

If you’re a social media manager, Facebook is an especially keen spot to pitch your services. Think about it: all sorts of business owners are looking for ways to reduce their task lists and improve traffic. All you need to do is parade yourself in front of the right clients and viola! you’re hired!

Leverage Your Network for Guest Posting Opportunities 

Learn how to find clients outside the box. Not many service providers think to write or perform for influencers in their field, but asking to advertise or interview with other more visible industry figures is a great way to get new clients.

Say you’re an online business manager for a medical supply company. Ask a local doctor that produces regular content on their social media pages or website if they’d be willing to feature your business in an upcoming post. Their audience can become your new clients.

Follow Up with Potential Clients Who Never Sealed the Deal 

Oftentimes potential clients will interact with you, but fail to commit to your services. Sometimes their issues boil down to timing or uncertainty. Help them understand you’re a worthy investment by closing the gap.

Send potential clients a quick, personalized message to show them you’re a real person who really wants to help. A friendly email proves that you’re detail-oriented and thorough, if nothing else. 

Encourage Referrals From Existing Clients 

When researching “how to find clients,” it’s never enough to assume your existing clients are singing your praises. Sometimes they need a gentle nudge (or an incentive) to spread the word about the great work you’re doing.

Try asking clients directly or offer 5% off next month’s services when they refer a friend (if you can afford to do so). Odds are your clients will do a better job promoting you than any online, calculated marketing campaign, because casual conversation sells! You want to be the name they drop—the secret to their success!


Host a Webinar to Share Your Expertise

Free education goes a long way for service providers. If you haven’t hosted a webinar yet, here’s your sign to try it out. 

Advertise the event on your social media pages and gather a worthy audience. You can even partner with more established industry gurus to drive up your viewers and reach more people.

Leave room for questions at the end! Most potential clients love when their webinar hosts take the time to engage with them. If you happen to deeply connect with anyone mid-webinar, odds are they’re a good client fit.

Boost Your Organic Search Traffic with SEO

Imagine being the brand that pops up when people search for “XYZ service provider.” Whether you’re an online business manager, virtual assistant, or social media manager, it pays to show up in an organic search.

SEO is the answer. In your website pages and blog posts, you can target keywords that your ideal clients might be searching for. Make sure your website is fully optimized to get the most out of your SEO potential.

Stay Active on the Social Media Sites Your Clients Use Most 

A strong social media presence goes a long way in discovering how to find clients. The platforms you choose to dump the most time and effort into depend on your service niche, but LinkedIn is a popular place for business minds to connect.

Make a concerted effort to post branded, thoughtful content every day. Comment on and share industry-related news so like-minded professionals are more likely to notice you. “You’ve got to be in it to win it” definitely applies to business conversations across social media.

When discovering how to find clients and make the most of your online presence, it helps to have a list of strategies – and we’ve got you covered! Start with these nine ways to get new clients and build your service-providing brand. And don’t forget to sign up for the Traffic Insights Dashboard so you can always be sure the routes you’re focused on are worthwhile.

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