Just Getting Started with Google Analytics Tools? How to Best Use Them in Your Business

In your relentless search to find the perfect data tools, you’ve probably discovered that Google’s where it’s at! More and more entrepreneurs are turning to Google Analytics tools for their business needs. No matter your goals, Google Analytics has the power to track the data you need to be successful.

What Are Google Analytics Tools? 

Google Analytics tools are used for basic statistical data research. It collects and displays data in ways that are most helpful to your particular business. 

Google Analytics helps entrepreneurs:

  • Track and measure the effectiveness of their search engine optimization
  • Gather audience information
  • Record website performance
  • Uncover the strengths and weaknesses of your business funnels
  • Measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns
  • Highlight market trends 
  • Study client behavior

Luckily, Google blends easily with other software options (if you’re juggling a few), but performs the best with the rest of the Google Workspace tools. And it’s free to anyone! Just make an account and powerful analytics features will be right at your fingertips.

Why Should You Use Google Analytics Tools? 

No matter your niche, Google Analytics tools will work for you. They’re completely customizable and user-friendly. You trust Google to be your search engine, so maybe it’s time to explore their data services, too.

You Can Track Important Business Metrics

The key metrics for your business may be different from others. But Google is awesome because it has the capacity to track and analyze a variety of metrics for all types of businesses.

For instance, if your business relies on social media, Google will help you collect data on your social media clicks and views. On the other hand, your business might need to keep an eye on bounce rates and goal completions. You name it, Google can track it.

Google coupled with our Measure & Maximize program will help you view and make sense of your metrics with ease. We teach you how to create custom, personalized data dashboards with your most important metrics at your fingertips.

It’s Free and Easy to Use

A trustworthy business platform that will also save you money is just a no-brainer. You can use Google Analytics tools totally free. And they’re just as effective (or more effective) than other data tools in rotation. 

What’s more, most of the world is familiar with Google’s brand and can interact with Google’s programs comfortably. This means that you’ll have no trouble sending a spreadsheet or graph to your business partners or clients when you need to.

You Can Customize Your Data Reports with Data Visualization Tools 

Not all entrepreneurs digest data in the same way, which is why personalization features come in handy. Google Analytics tools come with an assortment of attractive templates or custom-build options.

Such small touches can make a huge difference in the way you see and interpret important information driving your business. In the end, having control over your data display can bring your greater peace of mind and confidence in making decisions for your business.

You’re Getting Information From the Largest Search Engine

Most people turn to Google for their most important and immediate questions. As an entrepreneur trying to show up in as many searches as you can, you have probably wondered what sets apart the top search results from those that stay buried at the bottom pages. 

By tying your business to Google Analytics tools, you are liable to get some answers about that!

Who better to trust than the “giver of online answers” to put your business on the menu? Google’s business tools take into consideration the same ingredients for your business analysis as they do for top-performing businesses that turn up in multiple online searches.

Google Analytics Tools Collect Data Automatically

Anytime you can automate things about your business, you should! Automation saves you valuable time and money in the long run. Not to mention, a well-calibrated automated system is usually more accurate than any busy human can be.

By copying and pasting a code onto your website, you give Google access to your data. From there, Google will automatically track business metrics and roll your data into useful graphs or charts, as specified on your account.

How to Integrate Google Analytics Tools into Your Business

So, you want to get started using Google Analytics tools but aren’t quite sure how? Check out these three ways to incorporate them into your business with ease.

Your Website

In order to track metrics on your business website, you need to insert a special code to each page. Google will endlessly record your guest traffic, keyword phrases they used to find you, and the number of minutes they spent scrolling—among other things!

Some website builders have the ability to automatically plant Google’s tracking code throughout your website. Others will require you to input your code one page at a time. But don’t worry, Google walks you through each process step by step. 

Your Landing Pages

Separately, you can incorporate a code on each page of your website to calculate landing data. This means that Google will help you track which of your pages serves as the most frequent point of entry for your online guests.

This sort of data can help you understand what SEO keywords are working the best for you! You can edit and improve your website based on which of your pages draw in clients first (and which pages keep your visitors clicking through your website).

Your Sales Pages

Google Analytics tools can keep track of how many of your guests make purchases by counting which clients have visited both your purchasing page and your confirmation or thank you page. You can even set up your Google business dashboard to monitor these specific datasets and keep a closer eye on your sales goals.

Similarly, if your business relies heavily on webinars or online courses, you can track visitors on your sign-up page and compare that information with the total number of guests in attendance at the event. Has there ever been an easier way to keep an eye on your goals than with Google?

Google Analytics tools may seem intimidating at first glance, but they are incredibly useful and user-friendly. Pair Google tools with our Measure & Maximize program to make the most of your business data and help your business grow!