It's Time to Raise Your Skills AND Your Prices

because you’re an over-achiever like that  💁‍♀️ 💁🏽‍♀️ 💁🏿‍♀️

Join like-minded women just like you looking to increase your value as a service provider in the Results Driven Entrepreneurs Facebook group.

Meet Jennifer Grayeb

Jennifer Grayeb is the CEO of Datable., a consulting group focused on helping online business owners better understand their numbers so they can make data-driven and profit-generating marketing decisions. 

She recently left her senior strategy role at a Fortune 5 company where she had 6 roles in just 7 years.

You’re no stranger to investing time in growing your skills.


You work hard and take great pride in what you do and how you serve your clients.  

… But, then they ask about data or measurement and your face goes to 💀💀💀

But I have a secret to tell you… 

Data and numbers don’t have to be scary.
And you can’t afford to avoid honing this skill any longer. Because your clients NEED it. And honestly, YOUR business needs it. 
The Results-Driven Entrepreneur Facebook Group led by Jennifer Grayeb, is a collaborative community of over-achieving women who are determined to up-level their skills as service providers and get more comfortable and confident with numbers and data. 
Because, let’s be real — you are a freaking’ problem solver. You wouldn’t be here if that weren’t true. 
If you can feel confident in your ability to solve a problem, it shouldn’t matter whether that problem is made up of words or numbers. 
If weekly LIVE training, exclusive video content, business growth tips, and supportive girlfriends are just what you need to help you grow your business… this is the place for you.